About Set
My name is Sarah Elizabeth Tomlin, but my husband just calls me Red. I founded Set in Motion, LLC in 2022, after nearly 10 years of working as a motion graphics animator.

Now I have a dream of reaching a wider range of clients, while still doing what I love: visual storytelling. I currently live and work in the very sunny, but windy, plains of Colorado Springs.

Behind me is a (very) small team of trusted designers, illustrators and animators, and we are dedicated to offering the highest quality design and animation to meet your needs.

Although we specialize in commercials, explainers, and social media ads, we are also open to many different styles and work - just ask! We approach each client, and project, with the intention of creating something you'll love and that will help you speak to your clients. We'll walk you through the design of each stage, from storyboard/design to completion. We are dedicated to making your business, our business.

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